Smarter Self-Care Mastermind Programme

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Smarter Self-Care Mastermind Programme


A 3 Month Self-Care Programme

We know you value your self-care and that of those around you.

Building on the foundations of the Smarter Self-Care Workshop, embed your new wellbeing practices thoroughly when you join us for two brilliant Mastermind sessions per month over three months:



Our 3-month programme includes:

  • Time dedicated to developing and implementing your own wellbeing strategy using two highly-focused methods:
    • 1 X 60-minute one-to-one session to home this package for your personal needs, followed by
    • 6 X 90-minute highly-select and private Mastermind groups
  • Expert input, ideas and guidance on the latest wellbeing science and how to apply it to yourself
  • Take your wellbeing to a whole new level, embedding the processes, techniques and tools
  • Develop your own new tailor-made habits
  • A lab setting: get personalised feedback on the changes you’re making
  • Excavation, revelation: learn what stops you taking care of yourself
  • Hot seats: you get dedicated support from the whole Mastermind community for your situation
  • Engage with like-minded people
  • Experience your ROI in real time: more energy, clarity, community, exponentially better habits

Additional information


One-to-one 60-minute Zoom calls scheduled with your (to follow from the Workshop) between:
> Monday 18th Jan – Friday 29th Jan 2021

Mastermind sessions on:
> Wednesdays, 12:30 – 14:00 GMT
> February 2021: 3rd & 17th
> March 2021: 3rd & 17th & 31st
> April 2021: 14th