One-to-One Coaching

Make Certain You Reach Your Wellbeing Goals

Wellbeing is changing for everyone. It is no longer optional nor an indulgence. 

It is now an imperative, especially so for leaders.

Yet each of us has our own wellbeing blueprint. Different things work for different people. We recognise that fact and support you developing your own personal brand of wellbeing and giving it life every day.

elevate‘s tailored one-to-one coaching provides the expertise to develop your wellbeing goals and ensure you reach them.

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Supercharge Your Wellbeing

The boost you need

Wellbeing in Your Hands

Deep dive

Bespoke Wellbeing Adventure

Design your path

Supercharge Your Wellbeing

Boost Your Wellness


For single-issue wellbeing goals.

Women leaders tell us that in this time of constant and dramatic change, they are shouldering additional burdens. Inevitably, everyone else and their needs come first.

When you’re ready to take that bold step and put yourself first Supercharge your wellbeing gives you the boost you need

Choose this option to address, for e.g.:

  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Sleep coaching
  • Poor nutrition
  • A specific wellbeing concern, e.g. physical, lifestyle, mental health
  • Work-related challenges

Wellbeing in Your Hands

In-depth Programme


For holistic wellbeing goals.

Wellbeing is intrinsic to elevated leadership. But it’s about more than just feeling good. When you are well you can tap into the transformational aspects of leading self and others. You can become a creative, innovative and inspiring leader. This in-depth programme takes you on a fundamental review of the most important aspects of your life that contribute most to your success. 

When the grounds are shaky, everything feels like an effort. By taking your wellbeing into your hands you recalibrate and step into new levels of energy, agency and effortlessness.

Choose this option to address, for e.g.:

  • Changing long-standing patterns such as always putting your wellbeing low on your priority list
  • Health challenges
  • Challenges of leadership
  • Life transitions

Bespoke Wellbeing

A Minimum of 4 Sessions

Develop a tailoured programme to suit your unique self, working environment and wellbeing